Post Ranks are how users are unoffically ranked based on how high thier post count is by thousands. There are two major creators of this: Miniike, who originated the trend with his 1,000th post thread, "I Am Finally a Man" and expanded to 10,000 later. Streetlights, One More Block's highest poster, exceeded 10,000 posts and thus will create future ranks as he advances.

Normal Ranks

The ranks originated in this thread by Miniike.

1,000 - Man

2,000 - The Man

3,000 - The Guy

4,000 - Hero

5,000 - Savior

6,000 - Son of God

7,000 - Sun of God

8,000 - God

9,000 - Brahma


10,000 and up

These ranks are being created by Streetlights, One More Block's highest poster, out of a need for updated ranks.

11,000 - Streetlights

12,000 - The Godfather

13,000 - Magic

14,000 - Master Sorcerer

fan made ranks

These ranks were made by users in One More Block

krishiv768's ranks

0-24=bronze poster

25-49=silver poster

50-74=gold poster

75-99=platinum poster

100-249=bronze master poster

250-499=silver master poster

500-749=gold master poster

750-999=platinum master poster

1000-2499=bronze quick poster

2500-4999=silver quick poster

5000-7499=gold quick poster

7500-9999=platinum quick poster

10000-49999=bronze super poster

50000-99999=silver super poster

100000-149999=platinum super poster

150000-250000=ultimate poster

250000-500000=overlord poster