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The First Episode of Jumpstart

Okaysamurai (David Werner) is a OneMoreBlock user who joined on October 13th, 2013. He is not currently an active user and only has one thread, however he is most notable for being the creative director to Atmosphir.

Notable Actions

Upon joining the forums, okaysamurai took to writing a full letter thanking the community for all of their hard work and dedication to his project.

After being questioned about the legitimacy of his account, Dave confirmed it was him by tweeting to the sites Administrator on twitter.

He stuck around and chatted with a few people, sharing creative projects and told users to keep in contact with him via his twitter and to keep him updated.


Prior to the creation of OneMoreBlock, Dave Werner served as the creative director to Atmosphir. He also hosted an Atmosphir themed web-news show entitled Jumpstart.

Okaysamurai easily became one of the most notable users on Atmosphir and is easily remembered by many users on OneMoreBlock.

Personal Life

David Werner was born on February 28th, 1980. Dave quickly became interested in creative works at a very young age. Quoted saying "It wasn't too long before my brother Andrew and I strated drawing crayon treasure maps on our kitchen wall, or preforming original songs infront of any willing audiance."  ~ David Werner (Okaydave Portfolio: About Dave) 2006