Nin in a user of OneMoreBlock and is the leading developer on the Atmosphir Server. He joined on January 13th, 2013. 

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Notable Actions

Actions During late January it is known that Nin began attempting to decompile the various asset files from Atmosphir, in the Modding Atmosphir thread. During the development of the server, OneMoreBlock user kroltan also assisted. By mid February, forum Administrator WowfunHappy announced that a custom server had be created by Nin.

Since then Nin has expanded the server to allow accounts to be created, as well as levels to be uploaded to the server.


Nin is known to have joined the Atmosphir beta around 2008. Although some users have speculated that, due to Nin's dedication and knowledge of Atmosphir that Nin may have been a previous developer of Atmosphir. This however has not been confirmed, and is very likely to be a rumor