The first page of the forum game.

Last Post is a forum game created by OMB user Bionicnacho . The premis of the game is to be the lastest poster on the thread. This makes the game perpetual as another user could always post after you, thus stealing the title.

Response and Influences

Most users agree the thread is often entirely off topic. Many moderators also agree yet the thread remains in the Forum Games section, possibly as a joke.

Bionicnacho has referenced that he may lock it at some point, thus allowing one user to be declared victor. However, many users argued that Bionicnacho could easily post directly before locking the thread, which gives him an unfair advantage.

A similar forum game entitled "Who Can Post At The Bottom Of The Page Challenge" created by RaDsTeR, may draw influences from the Last Post game.

Moderation Lock and Un-lock, and since Re-Lock

On december 12th 2013 OneMoreBlock Moderator Sebastian Lawe locked the thread for 24-hours as a result of many users requesting a concluding victor. However, this caused a few users to call foul on this action. As a result, Bionicnacho unlocked the thread before the 24-hours had elapsed, thus putting an end to the joke.

On December 28th, 2013, OneMoreBlock moderator and creator of the original thread, Bionicnacho, locked the thread again, leaving the post "I win". It is unsure whether this is a permanent action or not.