BionicNacho is a member of the OneMoreBlock moderation team. Currently he holds 5th place on the highest posting members. He joined OneMoreBlock on October 30th 2012.

Bionicnacho's Christmas avatar

Notable Actions

BionicNacho created (And subsequently locked) the forum game known as Last Post . He was also one of the members developing the Aludra engine which was to be a replacement for Atmosphir. For a short while he held the spot of top poster before being overtaken by Miniike.

At one point, he amassed such a following that the majority of active users on the website decided to cosplay as him for a short amount of time, changing their avatar and signature to his.

Another notable aspect of BionicNacho is that he is an excellent twerkist.

Meanwhile on minecraft

Meanwhile on minecraft

Nacho twerking about in Minecraft


Bionicnacho joined the community through Atmosphir in the late 2008 time-period with the username "monstergamer101". His activity on the forums was very little all throughout the community's Atmosphir and Voxelus time periods, but he was always there watching in the shadows. His presence was very noted when the community moved over to the OneMoreBlock forums, with him being fairly active and taking Semesto's top poster position.

Real Life

Bionicnacho is a programmer who has worked on multiple projects (yet none have actually been finished as of yet)